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Cloud Readiness: the often overlooked variable

13 Feb

The prospect of transitioning IT services to the cloud offers an intriguing value proposition for many organizations—with cost, performance, scalability, and extensibility all being key factors.  But many organizations lack the readiness to maximize the competitive advantages afforded by the cloud.

As organizations begin shaping their IT strategies toward cloud computing, many are creating teams or pools of resources that will be responsible for architecting, developing, and supporting cloud infrastructure.  Without building the internal skill sets / competencies needed to maximize cloud benefit, organizations will never realize all the competitive advantages that the cloud has to offer.  Without question, the cloud is redefining what skill sets IT resources need.

A poorly conceived cloud strategy can have disruptive impact in unforeseen ways.

Additionally, cloud utilization is redefining many important business technology relationships.

The bottom line: organizations need to be prepared.  The cloud offers compelling benefits that can only be attained if your organization is positioned to take advantage of them.