Optimization is only the first step

24 Jan

It’s tough to get from point A to point B without defining where you’re trying to go, which is why the term “optimization” can be misleading.

“Optimized” to what?  Some external benchmark?  Individual preferences?  Is it about efficiency?  IT cost avoidance?  Performance?

You can “optimize” an individual component of IT—say, storage—but still fall short everywhere else.

And how do you even know if you’re “optimized,” if the engagement isn’t joined at the hip with enterprise strategy? Is IT architected properly to support strategic business objectives?

Are your risk mitigation activities aligned with corporate risk tolerance thresholds?

Is your IT as resilient as it needs to be?

Is your IT governance truly effective, or is it focused on the wrong things?

And are you tracking the right information to answer any of the above?

IT is a corporate utility that exists to enable the rest of the organization to achieve.  Therefore, it is important to figure out what your organization is trying to accomplish [vision], and then determine whether your IT is architected to support this vision [strategy].  The first step in this process is to develop a framework for assessing IT activities / projects / etc. to determine whether or not they contribute value to where you’re trying to go as an organization.


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